As technology advances, automation is part of day to day activities.

MPCTech LLC With 25 Years of Small, Medium & Corporate Network, Cyber Security, Datacenter, IT Budget & Infrastructure Experience, and IT Service & Support

Upgrade, Improve, or setup your systems so you can focus on what is essential, Growing Your Business.

MPcTech LLC optimizes your systems for efficiency, team collaboration, communication & interaction to maximize productivity in your workspace.

These changes will allow your users to access systems and files remotely, automating backups, synchronization & maintenance tasks seamlessly to push the limits of its capacity and utilization while always focusing on security.

Our Services Includes:

-Network deployments, monitoring, and optimization for all your devices while securing access to services and information within your organization
-Server deployment, monitoring, and optimization in the cloud, Datacenter or premises, enabling your business the efficient use of applications and integrations seamlessly over LAN, WAN or VPN
-VOIP deployment and maintenance, like 3CX, Cisco, Polycom, and AVR, including Video Conferencing systems
-Cybersecurity Assessments & Audits, Threat Prevention and Notification & MSP services
-Business Continuity Plan, Disaster Recovery, Data Backup Services on-premise or cloud for all systems including laptops & workstations
-User Support for daily operations, remote or onsite, with our Your Own IT plan to support your users with a simple call
-IT Budgeting optimization for your business by integrating and making use of your systems to fulfill & match your business goals

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