Data Hostage and how to avoid it

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Data Hostage, the issue no one talks about, and how to avoid it, and protect your precious data at very low cost or even zero!

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If you have ever used an electronic device to take pictures, videos, or open files, there is a chance you have data, and there is also a chance you have been a data hostage victim or know someone who is or was.

Users keep their old phones because they have the pictures and do not want to lose them? Or users that forgot or got hacked the password of their Apple ID, Google Photos, Dropbox, Azure, AWS, or any other paid storage service? That is how data hostage looks, not fun.

Imagine that in a business scenario, it becomes a horror story. Someone forgot the password to the file server or got ransomware. If you do not have a comprehensive backup strategy, it will be a bad day.

Let’s take this issue further, cloud storage services, you lost access to your systems, or some hacker decided to attack your IT systems in the cloud; what happens in the meantime?. Yes, you know, Data Hostage situation, you are unable to access your data!

As you may have thought, there are many reasons why it is good to have data in various storage methods and places and different authentication systems. Synology NAS is an excellent option to have all your data replicated to it; this way, aside from the system they reside in, it will also have a copy local at your premises.

You can copy all the emails from the company, create images of the cloud servers, images of storage on the cloud, and at a significantly reduced price of cold storage on the cloud, and fully accessible even when the internet/cloud is not available. If appropriately planned and configured accordingly, you may even keep operating at total capacity in the event of a disaster!

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